My fav quotes! Part 2🙈

 Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing great! So today's post is gonna be for my fav quotes! I have already made another post on my fav quotes but is the part 1. So if you havent check it out, go NOW!  1. I miss u, but havent met u yet. 2.they are always watching. 3.pathetic, but aesthetic. 4.My hairstyle is called "I tried". 5.Why be racist,homophobic,transphobic when u could be just quiet? 6.I wanna stay here 4ever, but wouldnt be that sus? 7.One day or day 1. U decide. 8.all we have is now. 9. Enjoy little things. 10. I think that you can just go 4 it. Xxx. Galatea <3

Why we NEED Stranger Things 4!

 Hey everyone! Welcome! Here's why we need Stranger Things Season 4!  But don't forget to follow and leave your comments below!    So basically Stranger Things is one of the best Shows in the world(Netflix ;) ). And everyone is waiting for the fourth Season from 2019!    And Netflix was like: It's officialy! A new Season is coming out soon! BUT WHEN IS THE SOON NETFLIX? ITS ALMOST 2022 Okay,okay, we all waited. Netflix Announced that Season 4 was abt to come in December 2020. We waited we waited and finally December came. Everyone was waiting for the new season but Netflix did NOTHING.   Instead, they announced that they were about to put a new Movie in August 2021 with Addison Rae. And they ALSO announced that they where about AGAIN to '' post'' the new season in August 2021. AND NOW WHAT?!  Netflix NOW: It's officially. A new season is coming on 2022.                          Netflix... U k?         IT HAS BEEN 3 YEARS ARE U SERIOUS?!?!      Stranger t

Find me on social media!

 Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that you can also find me in Social media as well!  Instagram: galatea_spapa Snapchat:galateaspapa Pinterest: galateaa_ vsco: galateasp twitter: galatea.sp combyne: galatea.spapa Ty everyone for your support!! :))

{Random post}

 Hey everyone!! How y'all doing today? I"m pretty good today tho! So In July I didnt make any post cause I hadn't any idea for new posts etc!!  And I'm really sorry for that and I'll try my best to think abt a new post!!  Anyways, if you guys have any idea feel free to comm! Ty and sorry, Galatea xxx <33

Patterns on to make! (for wallhanging, bracelets etc.)

 Hey Guys! So lots of people in Bracelet book and other sites have been asking me if I could make this post! So yeah! Here we are! I'm really sorry if I'm late or anything else, it's just because I was REALLY busy with school and unfortunately we finished it on Friday with our Graduation. Any ways! Now I have holidays and I will be doing every week a new post! (Hooray!)  Any ways! ;) If you don't know what bracelet book is you can go to my other post to see what it is. ( ) And now the patterns! (Patterns will be shown with # just click on the numbers and you will see the patterns;) ) #61223 #75595 #59790 #35638 #45056 #50518 #78662 #49064 #51217 Bye guys! Hope you liked this post! Make sure to comment and follow! Also tell me if you want a part2!!

Things to do when you are bored!! (prt.2)

  Hello guys! Welcome back! Todays post is what to do when you are bored part 2! Enjoy <3 (Don't forget to follow and comment down below ty and ly :3 ) 1. Make bracelets 2. Learn a new languache 3. Change your room! (make it aesthetic etc.) 4.  Go adopt a new pet 5. Do your hw 6. Chill and to absolutely NOTHING 7. Make your own online business  8. Find out answers to your big questions 9. Make a blog 10. Watch Netflix or Anime! 11. Try do draw yourself by looking in a mirror 12. Make posts on your social media accounts! 13. If you haven't an acc, make! 14. Start a new book! 15. Plan a trip 16. Make new outfits and do modelling in your own house (lol) 17. Apologise to some1 you love 18. Try to find your new style 19. Stick mini LGTQ+ flags in public! (Also happy pride month :) ) 20. Watch yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself! Hope you enjoyed! Tell me if u want a prt.4 !!

My fav quotes!!

 Hello everyone!! And welcome to my blog! I'm Galatea and today I'll share with you some of my favourites quotes! Hope you like them!! (Don't forget to follow and comm) Inspired by: Pinterest!! (My username: galateaa_) 1. Let's fake our deaths and leave our houses our life and start it again. 2. Best friends are people you don't need to talk to every single day.You don't  need to talk weeks,but when you do,it's as if you'd never stopped talking. 3.I love men without "n" 4. Love is Love no matter what. 5. Leave to a life that you are addicted to it. 6. It's ok to unfollow people in real life. 7. She's learning(I'm she). 8. Be nice to yourself. 9.  Don't let the others judje you, you are just yourself 10. NO means NO I'll do part 2 soon! BB,Galatea XXX